Message from the Reverend Lynn Oldham Robinett

May, 2013

I’m sure this sounds rather silly, but in the past few years I have begun to rely more and more on the Holy Spirit to guide me. I will admit though, that it’s not really by my desire, but by God’s. If you haven’t yet noticed, I am one of those people who likes to have control over what is going on, and not have to rely on others to get things done. Sometimes I find that operating in this way makes my life flow more smoothly. I operate on my own timeframe, and don’t have to coordinate with others to run my daily life and the lives of my kids. I like to feel in control, and relying on others diminishes that sense that I can control things.

It’s a little tough to admit though since living a life with God is all about surrendering control to God. I logically know I’m not in control, but my actions don’t always show it. But maybe that’s why I had three children, adopted two not so well-behaved dogs, and became the half-time priest at a full-time parish. God surely has a sense of humor. My logical mind can only organize so much before I have to surrender. Okay, God, what would you have me do? The mundane logistics are forgotten and the things that need to get done are either done, or they wait. I turn my trust over to God’s Spirit to guide me to what is most important and beneficial in God’s eyes. And then I act. And I find that life is a bit more peaceful than when I worry.

To lead a joyful and peaceful Christian life, it’s imperative that we let God preside over situations that are beyond our control. Worry and trust do not coexist. When we invite worry in the front door of our lives, our faith will inevitably depart through the back. So we must ask, “Will I trust my worries, or will I trust God?” There are many circumstances that are beyond our control but there is nothing beyond the control of God. So I pray daily that God will lead me in God’s direction through all I have before me. And when I do so, the worry lessens, God’s peace settles upon me, and life seems calmer.

As we approach Pentecost on May 19th, the day when we celebrate the arrival of the Holy Spirit, let us remember that God will always be there for us to guide us. Let us trust that those around us are sent by God to help us. Let us have faith that we belong to God and have more to offer living in the midst of God than by ourselves. And let us celebrate with joy the day on which the Holy Spirit rested on the Apostles and gave them the courage to go out and spread the Good News. May we do the same.

Peace to you,

Rev. Lynn