Our small but friendly and faithful parish, on the occasion of Rev Lynn Oldham Robinett's 10th anniversary at Holy Innocents.

From left: Ms. Diane Gore, our assisting minister, the Rev. Lynn Oldham Robinett, our priest-in-charge, and the Rev. Palmer O. Wilkins, Ph.D., our deacon, on the morning of Pentecost.

Our singers and musician who gave us joyous music for Easter morning!  From left to right, we have Michael Mueller, Liz Engan, Michael Belle, Joanna Dudley and Tim Soberick.

Theo, a young member of the congregation plays a duet with Jeanette, our organist, as Palmer, our Deacon, looks on.

This is our choir on Christmas Eve, 2015.

On the evening of Sunday, November 1, 2015, we had a beautiful Evensong service, filled with glorious music.  Here are a few photos of the occasion.